Who’s offering domestic partnership benefits?

As part of listing a position with the ASA Job Bank, employers are required to answer questions about whether or not they “offer employment benefits to domestic partners of employees” and whether or not the employer “prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/preference and gender identity/expression.”

As of August 6, 2012, for positions with a start date of Fall 2013, 73 employers reported that they offer domestic partnership benefits; 21 reported that they did not; and two employers–the University of Portland and the University of Nebraska at Lincoln–stated that they do not prohibit discrimination based on orientation/identity. I think Nebraska-Lincoln might have checked the wrong box, because “sexual orientation” is listed in their non-discrimination policy Nebraska-Omaha reports that they don’t discriminate.

Looking historically at jobs posted in 2010, 34% of employers (118 out of 346) reported not offering any domestic partner benefits; in 2011 38% of employers (205 out of 546) reported not offering any domestic partner benefits; and, so far in 2012, 35% of employers (106 out of 304) reported not offering any domestic partner benefits. In 2012, 5% of postings indicated that discrimination was not prohibited, compared to 8% in 2011 and 7% in 2010. My quick scan of the lists suggested that the variation over time was largely based on which schools were in the market rather than policy changes at specific schools. Note that these numbers are by date posted and not by start date, which does not appear to be consistently available.

I haven’t looked at the form that employers fill out, but I suspect that “offering employment benefits” is open to some interpretation. At some schools, it may mean benefits equal to married couples, while at other schools it might mean that domestic partners can be on the family gym membership, but not get health care. It would be great if the ASA could update this question to ask for a more specific breakdown of benefits so the burden isn’t on potential employees to interpret the extent of coverage.

While you can search based on many different job characteristics, you can’t filter by these questions. So, here’s all the employers, along with the position title(s) they are advertising sorted by whether or not they are offering domestic partner benefits:

Employers offering benefits (n=73)
American University (Five Tenure-Line Faculty Positions)
Arcadia University (Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice)
Austin College (Assist Prof of Sociology and Environmental Studies)
Bowdoin College (Assistant Professor)
Brown University (Asst Professor-Tenure Track)
Brown University (Assistant Professor, Environmental Remote Sensing)
California State Univ-Fullerton (Assistant Professor)
California State University-Hayward (Race and Ethnic Relations)
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR Junior Fellowship in Successful Societies)
College of the Holy Cross (Public Sociology and Social Movements)
Colorado State University (Assistant Professor)
Cornell University (Professor – Open Rank)
Earlham College (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Fairfield University (Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations)
Franklin College (Tenure Track Sociology Faculty)
Furman University (Assistant Professor-Tenure Track)
Harvard Business School (Assistant Professor)
Harvard University (Assistant or untenured Associate Professor, Assistant Professor in Sociology of Gender, Assistant Professor of Sociology in Korean Society)
Hobart & William Smith Colleges (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Humboldt State University (Tenure-track: Criminology & Justice Studies)
Indiana University-Bloomington (Assistant Professor)
Indiana University-Purdue (Professor-Criminal Justice)
Institute for Social Research (Faculty Research Fellow)
Johns Hopkins University (Assistant Professor – Tenure Track)
Kent State University (Assistant Professor)
Kenyon College (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Michigan State University (Assistant Professor)
Montana State University (Assistant Professor)
New College of Florida (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
North Central College (Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Northern Kentucky University (Department Chair)
Princeton University (Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Visiting Research Scholar – Fung Global Fellows)
Queensborough Community College-Cuny (Instructor or Assistant Professor – Sociology (Soc)
RAND Corporation (Sociologist / Social Demographer)
Rice University (Tenure-Track Faculty Position)
Rutgers University (Doctoral/Post-doctoral Fellowship, Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Saint Mary’s College of California (Assistant Professor – Sociology – Tenure Track)
Skidmore College (Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Sociology)
Stanford University (Assistant Professor)
Texas Christian University (Assistant Professor)
The Ohio State University (Assistant Professor, Full Professor, Open rank)
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Professor Assistant/Associate or Full)
Trinity University (Assistant Professor)
Tufts University (Assistant Professor)
Univ of California-Los Angeles (Junior Faculty)
Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Anthony S. Harrington Distinguished Professorship)
University at Buffalo (Assistant/Associate Professor)
University of Alabama-Birmingham (Open rank)
University of Alberta (Criminology/Socio-legal Stud)
University of Chicago (Assistant Professor)
University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Asst/Assoc Professor of Organizations & Strategy)
University of Illinois-Chicago (Assistant Professor)
University of Miami (Assistant/Associate Professor)
University of Michigan (Dir., Ctr. for Public Policy in Diverse Societies, Assistant Professor of Sociology)
University of Michigan-Dearborn (Associate or Assistant Professor)
University of Michigan-Flint (Urban Sociology)
University of Minnesota (Asst. Professor of Soc – Law, Crime, & Deviance)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Assistant Professor)
University of New Hampshire (Assistant Professor in Sociology)
University of Pennsylvania (Media Faculty)
University of Richmond (Assistant Professor Sociology)
University of San Diego (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
University of Toronto Mississauga (Assistant Professor, Socio-Legal Studies/Criminolo, Assistant Professor, Social Policy)
University of Utah-Salt Lake (Associate/Advanced Assistant Professor of Sociology)
University of Washington (Assistant Professor of Communication)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (Professor of Sociology)
Wake Forest University (Assistant Professor)
Washington State University (Assistant Professor)
Whitman College (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Williams College (Assistant Professor)
Yale University (Professor of Sociology)

Employers not offering benefits (n=19)
Boston University (Assistant Professor)
George Mason University (Assistant Professor)
Georgia Institute of Tech (Homer Rice Chair in Sports and Society)
Gonzaga University (Director of Native American Studies)
Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies (Harvard Academy Scholars Program)
Korea National Diplomatic Academy (Prof.)
Saint Louis University (Deviance, Law and Social Ecology)
Saint Norbert College (Assistant Professor of Sociology)
Sam Houston State University (Assistant or Associate Professor)
United States-Israel Educational Foundation (Fulbright Israel Post-Doctoral Fellowships)
Univ of South Carolina-Columbia (Assistant or Associate Professor)
University of Nebraska at Omaha (Assistant Professor)
University of Notre Dame (Open Rank Faculty Position (Tenure Track))
University of Portland (Assistant Professor of Sociology, tenure track)
University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Assistant Professor)
University of Texas-Austin (Assistant Professor, Professor)
University of Texas-Pan American (Assistant/Associate Professor Sociology, Asst. Professor: US Mexico Border Dynamics)
Villanova University (Assistant Professor)
Yonsei University (Tenure track position)

Python Fans: Here’s the script that downloads and scrapes the pages for the relevant information.

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